Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sixty Years of Opening the Cabin

Brenda, Kathy & Tory Erickson 1954

This May will mark the 60th anniversary for the building of our cabin. My grandparents built it on the St. Marys River on some undeveloped pasture land that they bought from my grandmother's sister's family. My grandparents, the Ericksons, were the first to build on what is called Loma Beach between 6 Mile and 7 Mile Roads. There was no electricity there at that time. In fact, there weren't even roads into the place. The above picture was taken in 1954. I am on the left, my sister in the high chair and my grandmother is on the right. The high chair is still in use at the cabin. Babies were always tied into that high chair with a diaper.

So our family has been opening the cabin in the spring for 60 years. There were a few years in there that someone lived there all winter long. My parents and us children did that several winters but for the most part, the cabin was closed down each winter.

Opening the cabin is a highlight for me as I'm sure it was for my grandparents. It is a signal that summer is coming with the wonderful times relaxing at the cabin.

This May is also my 60th birthday. I think we should have some celebrations for both 60th birthdays! I'll keep you informed.


Bill K. said...

Young Pup

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks Bill. It isn't often I called young!

thige said...

Bonjour à vous, rien n'est plus précieux qu'un patrimoine respecté, l'âme s'en nourrit;Bon anniversaire à vous

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Hello to you, nothing is more precious than a respected heritage, the soul is nourished; Happy birthday to you

My response to thige:

Merci pour l'anniversaire souhaite. patrimoine familial devient plus important que je vieillis.