Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter River Pictures

Cathy K. is a Facebook friend of mine. She takes great pictures of the St. Marys River and the boats. She has graciously allowed me to post these pictures so all of you can enjoy them. Cathy says that she takes to the pictures to show "how the ice and snow change everything about the boats they navigate, their lacy ice shirts and their ice clogged 'noses'. Great description Cathy. Thank you for sharing with us.

This is the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. She's a 1,000 footer owned by the American Steamship Company. You can read about her at Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

The Charles M. Beeghly is a 806 foot vessel owned by the Interlake Steamship Co. We frequently saw both ships this summer. But what a difference there is for these ice covered vessels.

The shipping season is drawing to a close and the Soo Locks will be shut down on January 15. But that means that spring is just a few months away. My grandson is talking about going to the Soo to see the first boat of the season. I can't say no to a request like that.



Cathy Clementz said...

AWESOME photos!!! And yep, I guess that does make shipping season and spring seem a lot closer!!!

Hope you are well!! Haven't heard from you in a bit!

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks Cathy. I'm missing the UP too and have been working so much that I don't get to post too often. I'm enjoying following your work in NC and I'll be thinking about you this week as you travel to Texas.

Tom and I got a 5th wheel and we're making our inaugural trip to Branson, MO in April. We can't wait.