Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Lakes in the News or Time to Read the News

My life has taken quite a 'turn' this week. The turn was in my ankle. I was out running very early Monday morning as usual. I've been running several times a week with my sister-in-law for the past 17 years. We run outside year round in the dark. Whenever we're asked how we manage, we just say, "It's never been a problem for us." Well on Monday the dark became a problem. I stepped in a pothole and twisted my ankle.

I went to work Monday although it was sore, the pain wasn't too bad. But on Tuesday as I worked most of the day, the swelling continued and my co-workers encouraged me to get it checked out by the doctor.

I did that and found out my ankle was fractured and now I'm off my feet. I returned to work yesterday but because I work in a school and have to visit many classrooms, by the end of the day I was exhausted and very sore-mostly my arms and shoulders from walking on crutches.

So I'm off my feet today and I'll see an orthopedic doctor and find out how long I have to be on crutches and what my limitations are going to be.

But the good news is that now I have time to read the news.

The fish kill in Chicago is getting lots of attention. It is being done to keep the Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. You can read about it at this link. Corp to Kill Every Fish in Canal. It is to our best interest in the St. Marys River to keep the Asian carp out. We have had so many challenges to the environment here and this would be a serious threat.

I try not to be political in my blog but what are your feeling about the environmental impacts in the Great Lakes. Do you have any favorite blogs that you read?


Anonymous said...

Bonjour, je me permets de vous dire que vous avez raison de vous poser des questions,et ce n'est pas faire de la politique partisane que d'être soucieux des eaux des lacs et des fleuves; nous nous comportons , nous les terrienscomme si nous étions étrangers à notre Terre , en tout cas, bravo ! pour ce que vous faites, thibault

Sault Boat Watcher said...

I used google translate for the above comment and here's what they say. Very interesting that this gentlement feels we are all to be concerned about our environment. Thanks for the comment!

Hello, I would say that you are right to ask questions, and not to partisan politics than being concerned with the waters of lakes and rivers, we behave, if we terrienscomme we were strangers to our land, in any case, bravo! for what you do, thibault