Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Can't Believe My Pathway

I know I haven't been posting for the past few weeks because things have been crazy in my life. I'll give you a quick update.

My Job I work in schools as a consultant helping teachers improve their teaching. The current grant I work under expires on Sept. 30 (today) so I have been working every day this month. Not what a retired person wants to do! I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow but this weekend we are having a garage sale-see next section to see why we are downsizing.

Our House Our house sold recently after having been for sale for months. We had hoped to make our cabin our permanent home but didn't get it done this summer, so we have been looking for a place to rent down here. We found a condo on Monday and will be moving into it the end of October. It should work well because we will be close to our grandkids.

Last week my mother had some medical problems and came down to the hospital here for treatment. She had several issues which they were able to resolve with medication. We took her back home last Friday and got to spend the night at our beloved cabin. Those pictures were taken then.

I hope to be keeping up on the posting now. Bill Keetley sent me some lovely pictures which I never did get posted and now I can't locate, although I know they're on my computer. Bill, if you could resend them, I promise I'll post them tomorrow.

Thanks, Brenda


Cathy Clementz said...

I wondered where you were!!! Good luck with all that is going on!

Loee said...

My mother fell on Sept. 6 and broke 5 ribs. She is now in a nursing home, hopefully short term. I've had no time to check my favorite blogs but decided I'd check out yours above others this morning. It looks like you've been busier than me! Good luck with your condo.

Lois :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're too busy. (Like the rest of us.)Congrats on selling the house. Looking forward to many blog entries when you make your cabin a permanent residence.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Cathy, I finally am feeling like my head might be above the water, but we'll see.

Lois, Sorry about your mother. Hopefully her stay in the nursing home won't be long.

Living on the river is my idea of a perfect retirement.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got in contact with us. I have been coming on daily to see if you have got on or not. take care of things in your life first and worry about this later, I know I will always check in to see if you are back or not..
Looks like the colors haven't peaked yet up in the U.P.. We plan on making a trip up there when they start to peak. Could anyone let me know when the colors are about ready to peak.

Sorry to hear about your mother, My Grandfather fell at home and suffered a large gash on his head. He required about 4 days in the Hospital and has a visting nurse stop in everyday to see him. The DR. told him and my Grandmother they should live in a assisted living home, They refuse. He is 96 and she is 92 and have been married for 70+ years.
Take care and I like your "Big" picture of the river..

Tom and Family, Down or Over in Bay City where ever you are coming from