Sunday, May 17, 2009

Edward L. Ryerson

It is official now. The Ryerson has arrived in Duluth for layup. She passed up the St. Marys River on Saturday, May 16, and won't be seen again 'until things improve.'

The was in the Duluth News today.

Morning: James R. Barker departing with coal; Canadian Transport arriving to load coal

Afternoon: Canadian Transport departing with coal; Edward L. Ryerson arriving for layup


Jim said...

I can confirm that the Ryerson has, to use the words of the pleasant lady at the Soo Information Center, gone into 'temporary layup'.
We spotted the Ryerson coming up the St. Mary's on Saturday afternoon, after spending an afternoon driving 'round in Canada. When we first saw her, it had begun to snow in earnest, and winds were picking up to a whole gale! Seriously! In fact, the Ryerson looked to be carrying a considerable amount of ballast, no doubt to 'sit' more solidly. So, we followed her in, and hastened to the westernmost observation platform (the one that offered some degree of windbreak!) As a result, we DID manage to get some pictures of her transiting the McArthur lock. One could see a bit of video taping going on in the pilothouse, and the cameraperson came out to film us filming him! (perhaps a local TV outlet?)
It was brutal out there, with wind chills down close to zero (temperatures 31-32, winds 30-40kts.), but as the western lock door opened ---- it was ALL worth it..... as we listened to the Ryerson presenting a full formal salute to those of us at the SOO on her last trip before layup. A class act from a lady with class.
We just returned from the North to more moderate climes in NE Indiana, and I will try to get a few pictures of the Ryerson downloaded for your edification.
Our brief visit to the Soo was well rewarded by seeing the Ryerson lock through, and we shall return again some day.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks Jim for the great comment. You went through quite a bit to get those great photos.